hard drive temp

  clayton 13:37 21 Sep 2003

ive just installed a new maxtor diamondmax plus 9 120gb seta drive & it seems to be running quite hot, my maxtor ide drives are only warm to touch, the drive is working ok but could there be a problem i thought seta drives were ment to run cooler ?

  powerless 13:41 21 Sep 2003

Whats the air flow like?

  clayton 13:48 21 Sep 2003

i have two front case fans blowing on the hard drives, 1 ide drive & 2 seta drives on an asus a7n8x delux mobo.

  Djohn 14:00 21 Sep 2003

A couple of weeks back I installed two new Maxtor 80gb drives in the correct bays next to each other, they were almost touching each other and running very hot. I moved one of the drives up to a 5.25 bay with reducing brackets and both are now running cool. This is without any fans to the drives. As Powerless says, it could be the air flow, or lack of that is causing the problem. j.

  Chegs ® 15:05 21 Sep 2003

I have two Maxtor SATA hdd's,when mounted in the hdd bays together,they couldn't be handled after a few hours running.I separated them,one to the bottom hdd caddy and the other up in the 5.25 bays,they still ran way to hot to touch.I had to install a hdd cooler blowing onto the 5.25 mounted hdd,and a 80mm onto the hdd bay.This has dropped both hdd temps to same as previous IDE hdd's.I use this freeware to keep an eye on temps click here

  clayton 15:31 21 Sep 2003

Thanks all for your replys im going to give Chegs software a try & see how i get on,chegs do you know what the critical temp should be set too ?

  Chegs ® 15:59 21 Sep 2003

I have mine set to warn me if it goes over 50C(it puts a popup onscreen)I also put the .att file in my startup folder(having shown XP what prog opens it:-) to save the XP popup asking who/what it is)This bit is entirely upto personal tastes,and as ever since I installed XP onto the SATA hdd's and disabled IDE channels,my install of XP only lasts a few days before it crashes/locksup,etc requiring reinstalling,I cannot comment on DTemps long term use or best settings.

  pdxxtqhf 16:12 21 Sep 2003

I have 2 120gb sata drives. they have a drive bay between them with a case fan blowing across them, this seems to keep the temp down

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