Hard drive surgery ??

  SPARKY 10:56 09 Nov 2008

Hi all, working on a friends old PC and found the problem to be the hard drive. The drive does not run, and with the power connector connected the system appears to be dead. Only by removing connector to drive and mains lead into power supply, waiting a couple of minutes will the mother board power up. It's like the drive cuts out the power supply and it can only be "reset" by removing the power.
My actual question is, can the circuit board part of a Maxtor hard drive be replaced from another one. The drive when last working wasn't particually noisy so I think the moving parts bits are ok, I beleive the problem to be the power supply on the drives board.


  MAJ 11:32 09 Nov 2008

The main PSU or IDE/SATA cables could also be the problem, SPARKY. Have you tried the drive in another computer yet?

  SPARKY 11:38 09 Nov 2008

Cheers for that, I haven't put the drive in another pc, but I've already tried another power supply which done the same and whilst I was diagnosing the problem I had all cables disconnected.

  MAJ 11:47 09 Nov 2008

It's something I briefly explored a few years ago, SPARKY, but having no electronics training, it went no further than the initial curiosity stage. Apparently each PCB can be individual to each drive. Check this out click here it might give you some ideas.

  SPARKY 12:21 09 Nov 2008

Thanks for that. I took a look and in brief it looks doubtful, but the drive doesn't work now so what have i to lose, (Famous last words).

Also, I've just tried the drive in another PC and the same happens.

  T0SH 12:51 09 Nov 2008

If you have two identical drives then yes it is possible to swap the pcb`s out

The screws used to hold the pcb`s in place tend to be the type that may require you to have specialist types of screwdrivers

If the drive you are trying to recover has a mechanical fault that caused an overload failure on the pcb electronics then it will probably take out the new pcb on power up

Your safest way may be to transplanting the pcb taken from the faulty drive on to the known good one if it works or not will indicate where the fault lies

Lying between the back of the pcb and the drive mechanics there may well be some insulating material covers be sure to note their orientation during stripping

Cheers HC

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