Hard drive stuck in PC

  hastelloy 07:30 04 Dec 2006

I took my 2 hard drives out of my old PC and put another hd in place of the C drive. As I was connecting the power cable, the drive went right into the slot and now I can't get it out again. It isn't jammed as there's about 1 mm movement but it won't slide out. Any suggestions please. I do want to remove it as I only put it in to Boot & Nuke it.

  Technotiger 07:48 04 Dec 2006

Hi, if it definately will not come back out the same way it went in, though it should do with a bit of jiggling, the only other way is to remove the front panel assuming it is a Tower case. If it is the old type flat desktop case, I cannot remember if the front panel is removeable or not as I have only seen them at bootsales, have not owned one.

  Diemmess 09:05 04 Dec 2006

It has probably misaligned and dropped over some prominence or tang.

As Technotiger says you may be able to remove the "front" of your box, but you need to get down to the main chassis or frame.

If you are lucky you might see the end of the drive and be able to lift and shove it back towards the inside, or pull it straight out.

If not there may be a removable part-punched steel cover which can be levered partly out and twisted away with a nifty pair of pliers!

The fact that you will have a hole at the front doesn't matter as the plastic front will cover this when all back in place.

A simple warning to make sure that any screwdriver activity must never threaten anything else should it slip, and mind your fingers on the sharp edges of any steelwork.

  hastelloy 10:36 04 Dec 2006

I had thought of removing the front, but wasn't sure how - I'll try to have another look tonight.

  Diemmess 12:46 04 Dec 2006

A lot depends on the age and so the common trend of the cases of the time.

With the sides removed look for (hopefully) about 6 steel springy studs which are frightening to lever away, and jammy to push back for re-assembly.

The front is usually just a cover. All the vital bits are assembled on the chassis.

  Stuartli 12:49 04 Dec 2006

I've always installed and removed optical drives through the front of the case - it's easier if you pull the front cover off, usually from the bottom.

  Technotiger 13:04 04 Dec 2006

On the inside of my tower case, there are small screws holding the front panel in place - they are a little tricky to get at, but not impossible.

  Diemmess 13:21 04 Dec 2006

We are talking about a tower aren't we?

In the unlikely event it is one of the older desktops (like a tower on its side) the rules change to looking for some release mechanism which will allow an entire sub-assembly (holding say 2 bays - to be removed, and you might still need to take off the front.

Its not rocket science, but it can be like a Chinese puzzle!

  hastelloy 13:41 04 Dec 2006

I should have said - it is a tower. From memory from last night, there were 2 plastic bits (1 either side) which look as if they release when pushed aside but they didn't. There's also anumber of bolts on each side but I was wary in case anything fell off if I undid them - guess I'll have to bite the bullet and go for it!!!

  Stuartli 14:06 04 Dec 2006

Some cases can be a real puzzle to work out, but generally having a look round from both sides (if each case side is removable) reveals the methods.

  hastelloy 19:27 04 Dec 2006

Many thanks to all - it's easy when you know how. The hd had gone through the partly-punched out plate at the front of the chassis and it slid out the front easily.

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