Hard Drive strategy, energy aware, back up aware.

  Epirb406 14:20 15 Oct 2009

Trying to work out a hard drive strategy for a new build.

Sights set on Windows 7.

Tempted by mirrored raid, unburstable back up and no loss of speed .

Otherwise will be looking at two drives, with the second working as an instant back up.

Sata II.

So, two identical drives? Running in sata.

Or 1 small for OS and superlarge fort all immediate and retrospective backups?

Whats anyone think?

Cheers, Epirb.

  I am Spartacus 14:42 15 Oct 2009

With consumer motherboards rather than server class with a separate RAID card you're not looking at 'unburstable'. In my limited experience they're flaky if the wind blows the wrong way and with a 50/50 chance you'll recover your data. Also if the motherboard fails then there's a good chance that even an exact replacement may not recover your data.

I now use a separate OS and Programs disk and data disk with internal and external backups (with one off site) as well.

Having your OS and Programs only makes it easier to create a disk image.

  Epirb406 19:02 15 Oct 2009

I think you are right, raid seems such a good idea but if it doesn't work then it is no good I guess.

However, the alternative I was thinking of was with OS, program and data disk and a data back up disk.

Back ups would be instantly copied across to the 2nd hard drive, much the same as they are on my network drive at the moment.

Thig is I don't want the network drive firing up all the time, seems like a waste of energy.However, a second hard drive on board with constant writes will double energy use too.

Guess I am just thinking aloud.....maybe I would be better off with one monster drive and back ups externally.


  DieSse 22:10 15 Oct 2009

Backups externally are the safest.

If your machine is stolen - if a PSU fault blows all your hard drives (it happens) - if your machine explodes, bursts into flames,k etc - if you get a severe infection. An external backup, stored safely, can save you from all that.

Choose an eSata unit for best speed.

  Epirb406 13:26 16 Oct 2009

Don't think I can avoid external back ups altogether but think I don't need belt, braces and bailer twine to hold up me trews.

How about a 1 Tb drive split into two for OS and programs with documents on the 2nd partition and then a second 500 Gb for back ups?

Still musing.....Epirb.

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