Hard drive space ?

  EARLR 14:08 14 Apr 2010

I am running out of room on C.
When looking in Program files I find "Installshield Installations" which is 15 files = 71 MB.

Can they be removed?


  EARLR 14:15 14 Apr 2010

Vista home prem

  Batch 14:26 14 Apr 2010

Have you tried getting rid of other things first? For example, download and run Ccleaner.

Also what is your overal disk / partition set-up?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:47 14 Apr 2010

click here
Installshield Installations is usually required when uninstalling programs.

  EARLR 15:46 14 Apr 2010

I have ran CC
Config= C=69.6 D=69.6

I thought that what I mentioned was MS patch backups.
I have heard that you can get rid of those.

  Batch 16:08 14 Apr 2010

If you run Ccleaner and tick the Hotfix Uninstallers box in the Cleaner section and then click Analyse button it will give you an idea of how much the uninstallers for the Windows Updates are using. You can usually safely get rid of the hotfix uninstallers (I have NEVER used one). But it is safeft to have a backup (e.g. Acronis) before you do anything drastic.

Do you have two identically sized disks or one disk partitioned in to two simialr sized partitions? In any event, what do you store on each (assuming that, at least, OS and pgms are on C)?

  EARLR 19:15 14 Apr 2010

I don't see "Hotfix Uninstallers box" in Cc.
It's 1 disk partitioned.

  EARLR 08:44 15 Apr 2010


  Diemmess 09:37 15 Apr 2010

As Batch .... It is important to know the way things are before offering sensible advice.

You mention C: and D:, but is D: a partition or another HD altogether?

What is the total capacity of each drive, and do you keep programs and data separate or on the same drive?

Acronis is an excellent program to use and can allow deletion of all the MS hotfix files, but please give an idea of how you have your system arranged.

  EARLR 10:18 15 Apr 2010

1 disk. Partitioned C & D. Cap. 69.6 GB on each.
C is normally programs & D is Data.


  Batch 10:37 15 Apr 2010

Open Ccleaner and maximise window.

With Cleaner selected on the far left (this is the default that Ccleaner opens up with anyhow), Select the Windows tab (again the default). If you look down the list of areas to clean, under the Advanced sub-section you should see Hotfix Uninstallers. Although the Advanced sub-section may appear greyed out at first, if you click on the Hotfix Uninstallers check box it will be selected and the Advanced sub-section should then not be greyed out.

I suggest that you then click Analyse (this doesn't delete anything). You will then be able to see how much space might be saved by "Run Cleaner" with this option selected. Please note that if you do not uncheck Hotfix Uninstallers it will remain selected next time (and every time) you Run Cleaner and will then automatically clean them up anyhow.

As I said before, you are best off making a backup using something like Acronis True Image first. In the short term you may well be able to make an image of C: on to D:

If all you have on C is OS and pgms, 69GB should be ample. Can you tell us how mauch free space you have on each drive?

Also, if you open up Windows Explorer and look at the top level folders in C: (e.g. Documents and Settings, Program Files, Windows), right click on each in turn and select Properties. This will then tell you how much storage (Size on Disk) is in use for each path. Post the information back here.

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