Hard Drive Space

  romeohotel 16:08 28 Aug 2008

Hi, my laptop has a 30gb hard drive divided equally between C and D drives. C has only 1.15 free space whilst D has 10.80. What will happen when drive C runs out of space? Any remedies have to be user friendly as I am not a geek, and preferably free.
Thanks for advice in advance.

  Clapton is God 16:12 28 Aug 2008

"What will happen when drive C runs out of space?"

You won't be able to add any new files to it!

However you could move files to drive D.

Try also uninstalling all those programs you never use and using CClenaer to clean away crap and reclaim some space

  Clapton is God 16:13 28 Aug 2008

Here's the link click here

  romeohotel 17:16 28 Aug 2008

Thanks for reply, how do I move files to D ?

  Diemmess 17:50 28 Aug 2008

Assuming you mean data files like docs and pictures or music.....NOT System files.

Open My Computer
Find the file/s you want to shift
Simply highlight the file/s you want to move. Right click on them choose copy click that.

Back to my computer select D: and either make a new folder or simply (Edit > Paste) the copied file.

There are all sorts of shortcuts, but typically Windows there are more ways than one doing most things.
The way I described is very safe, but until you have deleted a file from C: there is no benefit!

So "move" rather than "copy" can be used.

OR open two My Computers side by side.

Click on the file in C: that you want to move and hold the click down while you literally drag it from its source (C:) in the first My Computer to its destination (D:) in the second My Comp.
Job Done!

  romeohotel 18:43 29 Aug 2008

Thanks for help, much appreciated.

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