Hard drive size not recognised by Windows

  jessej 12:04 24 Apr 2005

I recently fitted a Maxtor 160GB Hard Drive then reinstalled XP Home and SP2, afterwards using Max Blast 4 and the Big Drive Enabler. The size is recognised by BIOS but not by Windows. Windows has a fix, which is on SP1 but not on SP2, see kb 303013. The fix is an updated Atapi driver. I checked my system and found that the older driver was installed. I downloaded the fix but it won't install as SP2 is there. So how do I manage to get this newer driver? The only way I can see at present is to remove SP2, install SP1 then SP2 again. Or does anybody know better please?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:11 24 Apr 2005

Shows 127G not 160G?
(start > run > regedit <enter>) and go to the following folder HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\atapi\Parameters there add a new key named "EnableBigLba" , type: "REG_DWORD" and "value 1" (excluding the quotes (")) now restart and your windows will see the true size

  jessej 19:31 24 Apr 2005

Hi Fruitbat.
Went into regedit to do as you said, its already there so, sorry to say, that is not the answer. Any more ideas please?

  Mikè 19:53 24 Apr 2005

how about partitioning it?

  DieSse 21:02 24 Apr 2005

Windows support for large drives is in SP2 as well as SP1 - SP2 is a superset of SP1.

When you partition and format the drive, does it show the 160Gb size?

  DieSse 21:03 24 Apr 2005

PS - you shouldn't need to use MaxBlast or any other software - perhaps that's where the problem lies.

  jessej 09:30 25 Apr 2005

Thank you all for your ideas, etc.
Though Microsoft say that everything on SP1 is in SP2 I went through their contents list and the Atapi fix is not on SP2, unless they called it something else. The one thing I am quite sure about is that the Atapi driver on my computer is older than the one in the fix, i.e. 5.1.2600.0 instead of 5.1.2600.1135. And, as I said, there is no way to install it from Microsofts dowload.
The reason I used Max Blast, and the Big Drive Enabler from Maxtor, is simply because that was what Maxtor advised.
Unless there is someway to get and install the updated Atapi driver then partioning looks like being the only option.
Thanks again.

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