hard drive size for motherboard

  morris948 18:41 06 Feb 2004

Hello all
I am contemplating fitting a larger hard drive to my PC, my motherboard is an MSI 6585 (SiS 648 chipset) i have read the mobo manual twice, but it does not say what the hard drive size limit is, will it run a 200Gb and above? the bios is the latest version (Feb 2003)

  pinka 18:44 06 Feb 2004

says the msi website

  morris948 09:43 07 Feb 2004

If i were to fit a larger hard drive than the mobo could support, would it still work? eg: would it format at 160Gb even though the disk is larger? or can it be partitioned to display 160Gb and 40Gb.
Im asking because in the future i may update the mobo.

  Eastender 10:04 07 Feb 2004

Would you please give the link to the MSI site, I've tried many combiation on google but no joy.

morris948 sorry for hijacking your thread :o)

  Eastender 10:21 07 Feb 2004

Seek and ye shall find http: //click here

  morris948 10:47 07 Feb 2004

thanks for the link, but it doesn't answer my question which is- what would happen if a larger hard disk is fitted that is above the mobo's size limit, would the hard drive work at the 160Gb limit even though the hard drive is larger,or would it not recognise it?

has anyone tried doing this,if not i will take the risk and post you the answer.

  morris948 14:31 07 Feb 2004

does anyone know what happens here (see above thread)

  Switcher 15:08 07 Feb 2004

As long as your OS is win 95c or above

1. YES

2. You can use any size of disk you wish as long as you operate with partions up to the max sizr your mobo can take.

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