Hard Drive Size

  Nero6 08:27 10 Apr 2008

On my PC I have two 250GB hard drives, one of which I use for Backup storage.
When I was last backing up I got a message that there was insufficient space.
When I went to My Computer the total size of the drive was shown to be only 127GB.
Can anyone explain please?

  mazuk 08:29 10 Apr 2008

When you mean total size (127gb), do you mean free memory on one of your 250gb hdd? or its showing 1 hdd of 127gb?

  Technotiger 08:33 10 Apr 2008

What OS?
What back-up program?
How are drives formatted (NTFS or FAT)
Have you been keeping past back-ups each time?

  glen2409 08:33 10 Apr 2008
  Nero6 08:45 10 Apr 2008

mazuk and Technotiger

I mean it is showing one hard drive of 127Gb total size, not free space.

XP Home
Acronis True Image 11.0

I run a full backup every week and an incremental backup every day. After running the full backup I delete all the earlier backups.

  [email protected] 08:46 10 Apr 2008

I seem to recall SP2 for XP addresses this problem.

  [email protected] 08:48 10 Apr 2008

PS Your HDD is still 250GB usable, it's just Windows not telling you the correct size.

  Technotiger 08:58 10 Apr 2008

Do you also have SP2 with your XP?

Can't fault the program ATI, 'tis the best for back-ups. However, you would be better to use the Differential back-ups instead of the Incremental back-ups.

Incremental back-ups create a daisy-chain of back-ups which, in the event of needing to make use of them to do a Restore, ALL the Incrementals plus the Full back-up will be needed to complete the Restore. If any one of the Incrementals become corrupt, the whole thing is kaput!

Where-as in the case of Differential backups, only the latest differential plus the Full backup are needed. This makes for a faster Restore and also uses far less room on your hard-drive.

I make Differential back-ups weekly and only keep the Full Back-up and the latest Differential, deleting earlier differentials.

  Nero6 09:06 10 Apr 2008

Yes I do have SP2

Thank you for your advice

  Gordon999 15:40 10 Apr 2008

You may need to enable 42 bit LBA Support for the drive

click here

But was it ok before. could you see the full 250GB on both drives

  Stuartli 16:01 10 Apr 2008

Also see:

click here

DiskWizard, which can be downloaded free from the Seagate website, includes a straightforward means of enabling the use of larger drives.

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