Hard Drive Shredder

  meater 14:56 18 Sep 2004

Please can somebody help me with shredders, I will be getting rid of a Computer which has got personel information on the Hard Drive which I want to make so nobady can recover it.
What is a good reliable Shredder to buy?

From Meater

  Cuddles 15:09 18 Sep 2004

Go to hard drive makers website, download diagnostics and zero fill the harddrive or use Evidence Eliminator which also zero fills the drive.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:14 18 Sep 2004

File erasers :-
Eraser click here
Ultrawipe click here
SuperShredder click here

  jack 15:19 18 Sep 2004

what do you mean by 'shredder'
A data removal program or physical destruction?

Essentially there is no way data can be removed from a hard drive , reformatting a drive, is not secure because there is 'unformat' software avilable to those with evil intent.
Other tpes of programe will 'delete' the data then overwirte the whole drive with rubbish, thus any 'recovery' operation will only turn up the newly written rubbish
The best way of all is to take the drive out of the machine and phyically smash it with a large hammer.

  Cuddles 20:52 18 Sep 2004

The Ministry Of Defence zero fill to eradicate data, so if it is good enough for them!!!!!!!!!!

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