Hard drive shows much smaller than actually is

  GaryH 10:03 17 Jan 2005

I purchased a 160mb HDD and formatted it through Fdisk. I am running XP Professional and Windows 98 dual boot. Even when in XP my system still only see the drive as about 32mb.

Any ideaas?

  Microdot 10:08 17 Jan 2005

What did Fdisk report about the size of your harddrive after you had formatted it?

Cheers de Art

  GaryH 10:09 17 Jan 2005

I have been trying to use Partition Magic 8. This is also telling me that there is only 32mb available!

  GaryH 10:11 17 Jan 2005

It actually said about 148mb. But since messing about with Partition magic and XP I now have only 32mb. I wanted about 40mb FAT32 and the rest in NTFS. What is the bets why to get back to the real size and then format all as FAT32?

  Microdot 10:54 17 Jan 2005

Use Fdisk and remove all partitions.
Remake new partitions.
Check size of HDD
If all Ok ,format the drive

Assume you have startup floppy with Fdisk.Format etc

Cheers de Art.

  GaryH 10:59 17 Jan 2005

I have tried to re format the HDD in FDISK but it is reporting that there is only 32mb available after deleting all partitions. Is there a way to retrieve all the space?

  Diodorus Siculus 11:05 17 Jan 2005

I take it we all mean GB rather than MBs!

In WinXP

right click "my computer"

choose manage

then disk management

see if you can manipulate from there.

If in fact you do mean MB, then I have to bow out!

  Diodorus Siculus 11:06 17 Jan 2005

By the way, do you know your BIOS revision number? It may be that the limitation is set there and bios flashing will be necessary.

  GaryH 14:34 17 Jan 2005

DS, I do mean GB - 32gb. I cannot check the BIOS at the moment because it is at home. Will try later this evening. tks, GH

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