hard drive showing full suddenly?

  frankie 10:30 07 Mar 2006

hard drive showing full suddenly? its a 80gb when i last looked only used 30gb max,nothing drastic downloaded,why should it fill up all of a sudden?have xp pro, on ntfs system,machine runs fine this is baffling

  frankie 10:43 07 Mar 2006

which are phile--j from 1 to 349 what are these? big ones as well?these are taking all the space

  frankie 12:01 07 Mar 2006


  rmcqua 12:06 07 Mar 2006

What type of files are these? Jpegs?

  remind 12:06 07 Mar 2006

Check if thats what's using all the space with treesize click here,
delete the files you mentioned, do a full antivirus scan, download ewido, uncheck any options during installation, update and run a full scan with that too click here

  frankie 15:08 07 Mar 2006

have deleted them,thus far they are in recycle bin,have run adaware,avg,ewido,spybot,all comes back clean,have since putting them in recycle bin had to do chkdsk,pc still running ok,but what are these and where did they come from is whats bugging me,hard drive now shows expected free space,

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