hard drive showing full

  May$ 12:08 07 Jul 2004

Hi I uninstalled a load of programs from my pc because its going somewhere else.

However when I right click on my C drive and select properties my hard drive shows that only 2.9 gb is free and I can't see what is taking up that much space. 34gb is being shown as used. I uninstalled everything from the control panel. I am running xp pro

Have no idea why

Help always appreciated.

  Tog 12:16 07 Jul 2004

Run scandisk and see if it picks up any errors

  May$ 12:24 07 Jul 2004

sorry im new to xp. Looked for scandisk but not in system tools where can i find it?

  Smiler 12:24 07 Jul 2004

How big is the restore folder perhaps xp is storing all the progs you have removed in case you want to restore them.

  pj123 12:35 07 Jul 2004

Something I have just learnt, there is no scandisk in XP. (Vog told me that a couple of days ago.) You have to use chkdsk. I don't have XP so I can't tell you where it is but someone else will probably be able to.

  stlucia 12:40 07 Jul 2004

Following on from Smiler's suggestion, did you use delete to get rid of any of the programs and files? If so, they may be still in your recycle bin, which counts towards your disk usage. When you use delete, you don't actually gain any space until you empty the recycle bin.

  ventanas 12:46 07 Jul 2004

To check the disc right-click it in explorer and choose properties, then the Tools tab. Click Check now in the Error checking section.

  ventanas 12:48 07 Jul 2004

Following on, if you are getting rid of it why not reformat the drive and reinstall just Windows. That should solve any problems.

  hillybilly 12:51 07 Jul 2004

click on run
type in "cmd" hit return

when the dos box appears type in

chkdsk c: /f

then hit return

you might it will tell you to finish you need to reboot

  May$ 13:44 07 Jul 2004

I tried them both but still no change. Agree that I will have to format the hard drive :-(

  May$ 13:45 07 Jul 2004

thanks any way !

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