Hard drive replacement

  dg22 20:30 05 Jun 2012


I have been having problems with my laptop recently and after a visit to the local computer repairs store was told the hard drive was worn out/knackered, so am looking to replace it, but have no idea what I'm looking for (complete novice with this area).

The laptop is a Lenovo 3000 n200, good few years old, had no real problems with it up to now. Main use is a little bit of work, nothing heavy, and football manager quite a bit. I'm looking for the replacement to be adequate to deal with this and also reasonably affordable, as I am a student.

Any advice and product suggestions are welcome.

Thanks, Dan

  rdave13 20:50 05 Jun 2012

It looks as the original had a 160GB 2.5" hard-drive and running Vista. You'll have to physically check if it's a Sata or Ide drive.I suspect Sata. Different connections shown Here.

If the original drive is still running then use it as little as possible so you can get someone to clone it. If you have the original restore to factory settings discs or the burnt ones you can use these on a new drive. Check key is still visible underneath or have you made a note of it?

Use something like Doubledriver to back-up all non Windows drivers if you can.

Back to the drive you can install a bigger hard-drive (not in physical size) such as a 250GB so long as it's 2.5".

  lotvic 21:16 05 Jun 2012

Levono harddrive ClickHere for discussion on which to get.

Levono 3000 N200 Drivers ClickHere

  rdave13 21:24 05 Jun 2012

Good links lotvic, so, if you're skint, this won't break the bank.

  dg22 08:06 06 Jun 2012

Thanks a lot for your help guys, appreciated.

As for installing the hard drive, is it a simple process or should I leave it in the hands of an expert?

  rdave13 08:18 06 Jun 2012

This video shows how to change the HDD, You Tube. Do you have the recovery discs to reinstall?

  dg22 15:20 06 Jun 2012

No, I do not have any recovery discs for the laptop. Does this mean I should give it a pro to deal with recovery/installation after I've put the hard drive in?

  rdave13 00:00 07 Jun 2012


  rdave13 00:37 07 Jun 2012

As you have no Windows key and it is Vista then it will cost not only the Hard-drive but a new Vista OEM installation. Plus the 'pros' time and effort. Going to be expensive.

  KRONOS the First 08:12 07 Jun 2012

Do you not a Windows key on the base of your laptop,on a silver sticker perhaps.If you have get a copy of Vista from here Vista download. If you have problems activating then use the phone option.

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