Hard Drive Replacement?

  User-1BD6D3E1-0CC3-49F6-BF40FF97E4E996B4 16:45 12 Sep 2004

I think my hard drive is dying and was wondering
how easy is it to replace?

Is it just a matter of disconnecting the old HD
removing it, putting a new one in its place, reconnecting it and then putting my recovery disc in the dvd drive to reinstall everything as it was when the computer was shipped to me?

Can anyone recommend a Hard Drive to me, one that is known for it's reliability and durability?

The hard drive that's acting up in less then 3 years old and it comes up with boot errors.
Sometimes I can get Windows to load which is why I am on now but usually I get a boot error and the computer does not read the HD.

I wished I had backed up the hard drive now.


  bremner 17:06 12 Sep 2004

The recovery disk may perform in the manner you have suggetsed - mine from a 2001/2 Mesh system does. However the other type may only access a hidden partition on your existing drive and run the reinstall from there.

You need to find out which you have.

You could use something like Ghost to image the existing drive and then restore that image to the new drive.

  marjted 17:41 12 Sep 2004

Quite straightforward to replace, as you outline. Possible slight difficulties depending on size of disc and O.S. Difficult to recommend any particular brand. Personally I opt for Seagate and use their excellent free download progs like DiscWizard which does the installation job for you.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:18 12 Sep 2004

click here shows how to fit a second drive

Have a read first then

Seatools click here

will allow you to copy the contents of your original drive to the new drive

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