Hard Drive removal and installation

  adambucky 21:21 03 Nov 2015


Hard Drive removal

Hi I am donating my old PC to charity and have taken the hard drive which I will retain

I noticed that the hard drive has a set of attachments on each side which allow the hard drive to sit securely in the hard drive metal housing (see pictures) - are these specific to the PC that the hard drive is originally from? if they are I will remove them and give them to the charity as well so they can install a new hard drive properly

  adambucky 21:23 03 Nov 2015

Picture here:

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:51 03 Nov 2015

Picture not working

some PCs come with HDD brakes / clips to make easy fitting withdrawal so I would leave the attachments with the machine.

  adambucky 22:33 03 Nov 2015

Will do Thanks for the reply

  [email protected] 08:03 04 Nov 2015

Yeah, better give the HDD brakes too.

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