Hard Drive Recovery

  Muzzsjm 13:46 11 Jul 2003

I have a 20gb Fujitsu Hard Drive. Till last week it was using the NTFS filing system. There was a total of 17gb of information on this drive and just under 3gb of space left.

Somehow the drive became unpartitioned but not formatted. Windows 98 reads the drive as FAT but no free space or information on the drive and I cannot use the drive inless I reformat. Windows XP setup reads the drive as NTFS with 17gb used and 3gb free.

Is there anyway I can get the information off this drive without losing it? I has over 5gb of downloads off the Internet on it. Since I only have ISDN and cannot get ADSL or Cable in my area it would take me a good year to download everything again.

I've thought about using drive convertor through Windows 98 or installing XP and seeing if XP will read the drive. Any ideas?

Please help...

  Jester2K II 13:48 11 Jul 2003

Can you put it into another pc as a slave drive (ie secondary) and see what happens then. You should be able to copy stuff of it.

  so3003 13:49 11 Jul 2003

I'm no expert, but maybe it was formatted / partitioned using a protocol new to XP, ie one that Win9X and below can't read?

  Muzzsjm 13:53 11 Jul 2003

The drive is currently a slave as I have 2 drives on my PC. The drive has not been formatted, XP setups reads there is information on the drive.

I think my best bet is to plug it into a XP system and see.

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