Hard Drive Recommendations Please

  Whaty 17:52 29 Oct 2004

I want to replace my ageing Hard Drive and would appreciate your recommendations in respect to the best/most reliable makes; Western Digital, Seagate, Maxtor, etc., and/or advice on where I can find some good review sites.

I 'think' I want:- 40Gb, 7200rpm, 8Mb buffer.? I don't really need anything above 40Gb (my current drive is 10Gb and isn't full..!)

Priorities are reliability, speed and noise, in that order... reliability is the key for me I think.

There is so much experience on this forum I hope someone can point me in the right direction.


  whybe 18:11 29 Oct 2004

I have had no problems with the two Maxtor drives but all the makes you suggest will have their favourites in this forum. I would go for a bigger drive though as the cost increase is not that great and you never know if you take up digital photo/video you will need it.

  Rayuk 18:23 29 Oct 2004

Hard drive warranties went down to 1 year they are now back up I think Seagate offer a 5 year warranty Maxtor 3 years if that is important to you

  Rayuk 18:23 29 Oct 2004

click here
Seagate is 5 years

  Whaty 22:38 29 Oct 2004

Thanks whybe and Rayuk.

Does anyone know of any good review sites..? I have tried searches on Google but without much success...


  Rayuk 09:36 30 Oct 2004
  SEASHANTY 12:08 30 Oct 2004

Maxtor installation guide
click here

Seagate installation guide

click here

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