hard drive read less

  A.A.A 08:54 22 Sep 2003

hi members
my computer is quite old. the hard drive is a 10GB. but when on the hard C: properties it reads 2GB; anyone could explain this to me.

  MAJ 09:05 22 Sep 2003

Is the file system Fat16 by any chance? Which OS are you using? It can't be that terribly old if you have a 10 gig drive, unless it's not the original drive and whoever set it up has set it up incorrectly.

  A.A.A 09:52 22 Sep 2003

thank you. i am using windows 95 and you are right its not the original drive and i set it up. to be honest i only know file system is fat.
apreciate your help.

  MAJ 09:59 22 Sep 2003

If you open "My Computer", A.A.A, and right click on your drive icon, choose Properties, it should say which "File System" you're using, FAT16 (which I suspect) or FAT32. My memories of Win 95 are almost non-existant, I didn't get into computers until Win 98SE, but there are plenty of guys on here who should be able to help with 95. Post the file system you're using anyway, A.A.A

  A.A.A 10:06 22 Sep 2003

believe me i did what you said. properties dont show anything about fat

  MAJ 10:23 22 Sep 2003

That's where I come a cropper when it comes to Win95, A.A.A, knowing where everything is. It'll tell you in System Information, usually found from Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Information. Look for something to do with storage or drives and click on it.

  A.A.A 10:40 22 Sep 2003

hi mate
very strange, there is no system information under system tools, but there is all the rest (back up, defragmentation, system monitor....)
anyone still using windows 95 could tell me where to find the file system .....!-(

  MAJ 10:47 22 Sep 2003

Try going to Start > Run, type msinfo, or, msinfo32 and click OK, see if that brings it up, A.A.A.

  MichelleC 10:50 22 Sep 2003

Or use a benchmark tool like Belark, Aida etc to tell you.

  MAJ 11:56 22 Sep 2003

As MichelleC says, Aida should give you the file system, A.A.A click here

I believe though, that unless you have something like Partition Magic, your only option is going to be to delete that 2 gig partition using Fdisk and create a new (FAT32)partition using all of the hard drive. Unfortunately that will wipe your hard drive and you'll have to install Windows and all your programmes again.

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