Hard drive randomly making strange sound

  dave726587 14:41 15 Oct 2008

hi im worried.. recently my hard drive has randomly been making a weird sound.. its like a tick / screech sound the lasts for like 1 second and its hard to explain..

i heard it twice today and i've been on the computer for a couple of hours

the computer is only a couple of years old and im worried because i have a lot of files on my hard drive and i dont want to loose them

does anyone know why my hard drive might be making this sound?

thanks please help

  Sparkly 14:52 15 Oct 2008

dave726587 start backing up as a precaution, better safe than sorry.... give this a try
click here

  Rahere 14:58 15 Oct 2008

after you have backed up run a check on your drive - Windows has them plus most manufacturers have a free utility that will check the drive for you - I have Western Digital's version which is Data Lifeguard and also their Diagnostics too. Check you drive name and work from there.

Also check your guarantee/warranty - I was suprised to have a 3 year term - when a 250Gb WD drive failed they replaced it with 500Gb!

  Rahere 15:01 15 Oct 2008

Oh and if the drive does go badly wrong before you have backed up and you have another PC remove the dodgy drive, wrap it tightly in cling film and put it in the freezer for a few hours - this can work wonders and you can get more data from it before it fails again!

  T I M B O 15:45 15 Oct 2008

Get an external hard drive and start backing up all ur data, the hard drive is failing. if the hard drive does stop as ur copying ur files, then do as Rahere reccommends and put in freezer then try again a few hours later.

For a backup programe this is awesome > click here

  DieSse 19:38 15 Oct 2008

Are you absolutely sure it's the hard drive? - fans are the commonest sources of strange screechy noises.

  FatboySlim71 22:06 15 Oct 2008

If you have never cleaned the inside of your computer in the couple of years of owning it, then they could be a great deal of dirt/fluff in there, even in the cleanest of homes you still get the fans drawing in dirt/dust/fluff.

After you have unplugged the computer and grounded yourself by touching a water pipe for example, take the side of the PC off and brush ALL the fans with a small paintbrush, you may also find that there is fluff etc lying in the bottom of the case which will need to be brushed out.

The best thing IMO for cleaning fans is a can of compressed air, if you happen to have one of these, it provides a better/easy cleaning method than using the paintbrush.

  T I M B O 22:09 15 Oct 2008

making sure it's not a nylon paint brush

  dave726587 12:45 17 Oct 2008

today the the computer froze and the hard drive started ticking really fast like a clock

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