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Hard Drive Question

  woodchip 13:24 03 Jan 2014

I have a Samsung Netbook, according to Windows Explorer I have two Hard Drives C:\ Shows as a normal drive. that as E:/recovery Partition on it, but also as a D:\Drive that shows as a USB drive I take it that this may be a Sata SSD drive.

  woodchip 18:30 03 Jan 2014


  woodchip 19:12 03 Jan 2014

Samsung NC10 the D:\ drive shows as a USB drive in Windows Explorer, n device manage the hard drive shows up as a fugitsu mhz210bh g2

  alanrwood 19:40 03 Jan 2014

Have you got a memory card inserted in the card reader. I have an NC-10 and don't have this problem. How is the Recovery Drive being shown at all. Are you looking in through the Disk Management facility in Control Panel\Admin Tools.

  woodchip 23:10 03 Jan 2014

No it does not have a SD card in the drive. The Netbook was new when I bought it, Having a 160Gb hard drive but its not as such Consists as C:\ 88Gb as a normal Disc Drive D:\ 54.9Gb as Icon shows a Memory stick showing as a usb icon, it does not have one in the USB slots its built in as part of the other drive, recovery partition in disc manager is 6.01 Gb this is a Hidden Partition as it does not show in Windows Explore this is a XP home Netbook, was provided with both system restore disc and xp system disc so full install can be done if needed

  alanrwood 10:40 04 Jan 2014

As I said I have one of these myself although I have swapped out the original 160GB spinner drive and installed a 256GB SSD. There is no SSD installed as a cache drive in this model as supplied new. Also the drive was originally only a C: drive and Recovery partition.

Just for clarity, I was referring to the built in card reader on the front edge about an inch from the right hand edge and with a matching coloured blank card inserted.

If you don't have anything important on the D drive why not just delete the partition and recreate it as a logical partition in the same space. Alternatively copy any important stuff to the C drive or an external USB stick as temporary storage. Reinstalling the whole thingt is a major pain with all the 200 and odd updates that then need installing together with all the programs etc.

  woodchip 19:31 04 Jan 2014

The Drive and Netbook is just as it was Supplied, So if windows is showing some kind of Memory for D:\ then it points to me to a Hybrid drive. Though it is D:\ that shows it as such, it is 55GB for D:\ also the Netbook boots and shuts down Faster than a HP Laptop with a Centrino 2.12Ghz Pentium M that I have. Battery Life for the Netbook is in the order of about 9 hours

  woodchip 19:46 05 Jan 2014

Then Why the 55Gb Memory Dongle Icon

As you said, that is what I thought it was until I looked in Windows Explorer or Double Click My Computer ICON where it displays the above drive

  woodchip 19:46 05 Jan 2014

PS that is why I posted the thread

  woodchip 20:39 12 Jan 2014

Image of Drive Icons for C:\ and D:\ Restore Partition does not show as its hidden

[IMG][click here]1 view click the above, you will then see that D:\ looks like a USB drive but it does not have any cards or key drives plugged in


  woodchip 20:48 12 Jan 2014

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