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  fermerboy 23:50 20 Oct 2003

Hi All
I have an old hard drive which is definitely 4.3gb in size. When I plugged it in to a pc I was setting up for a spare its seeing the drive as about 2.1gb.There are no partions on it. Where's the rest gone? I reckon that would have been about the free space left on it when it was last used. Could it have just died lying about? The last time it was used I plugged it in to my new xp system and dragged all the files I wanted accross, is that the prob?

  woodchip 00:01 21 Oct 2003

you need to fdisk and format the drive

  woodchip 00:04 21 Oct 2003

It sounds like it is formatted as Fat16 instead of Fat32

  Simsy 00:06 21 Oct 2003

as FAT, rather than FAT 32. If I understand this correctly... FAT formatted drives are restricted to 2Gig.

Good Luck,



  fermerboy 00:13 21 Oct 2003

How do you get to format the whole drive if fdisk just sees 2gb? I can't find aything to delete or change.
I'll go and give it a try again though, never thought of Fat or fat16.

  DieSse 00:22 21 Oct 2003

You need to delete the current patition and repartition it to the full size.

To do this you need to select "support for large disks" when you run FDISK, and you need a system that definately supports hard drives larger than 2Gb in the BIOS.

Otherwise you could download the drive manufacturers setup progrmas that allow you to get around BIOS size restrictions.

  DieSse 00:24 21 Oct 2003

You don't format a drive to be FAT 16 or FAT32 - you FDISK it to be FAT16 or FAT32 - then you format the resulatant partitions.

Not exactly correct, bu close enough for illustrating the point.

  fermerboy 00:45 21 Oct 2003

Have tried fdisk again,answered yes to using large disk support (FAT32??) Deleted all partitions(only 1), and then answered yes to using the whole disk and it comes up as 2014mb. It beats me thats for sure. Its only for a spare one for my parents to use so I'm not too panicked about it. Just don't like getting beat by the machinery. Think I'll sleep on it and see what else there can be. Theres nothing in the Bios that could be wrong is there?

  DieSse 00:55 21 Oct 2003

The BIOS may simply be too old to support drives over 2Gb - in this case he simplest way is to use the manufacturers setup utility.

Seagate = Disk Wizard - download from their web site.

Also check in the BIOS first page that hard drive selection is set to Auto - that should make sure the BIOS finds the largest capacity it's capable of. Some older BIOS also have a setting on another page for LBA mode - make sure this is Enabled.

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