Hard drive puzzle

  ACOLYTE 12:01 03 Feb 2005

Hi, i have just installed another hard drive in my second pc 80Gb hard drive it already has a 40Gb drive in running xp home.Now the problem i have is i formatted the 40Gb hard drive and wont to reinstall xp on the 80Gb drive but how do you get xp to see the drive on the install screen?,on my other pc when i installed another drive both drives showed on the install screen and i could choose a drive to install to,on this pc it doesnt,both Hd show in the bios as working and there sizes,but i cant choose the drive in windows setup only the 40Gb one, the other isnt there.

  Chezdez 12:08 03 Feb 2005

Is the drive set as a master? you should be able to tell this from the BIOS. if it is not, play around with the jumpers on the back (there'll be a diagram on the drive detailing the actual positions for master and slave), until the 80GB is set as master in the BIOS, and the 40GB the slave

is it formatted? if not, you'll need to create a partition that you can format. you do this during the installation, but your 80GB needs to be the master (windows setup only picks up the master, as this is where the O/S is booted from)

  Completealias 12:12 03 Feb 2005

As a quick work around why not whip out the other drive and leave the one you want to install windows on in there if setup sees it and everythings fine do your install then slave back the other drive.

If your drive still isn't seen then obviously theres something else going on maybe someone else i'll have an idea

  ACOLYTE 12:12 03 Feb 2005

It is set to master but i dont think that would matter would it? on the other pc both drives showed and i could install on the slave drive as well as master.It isnt formatted because i can't see it to format it.lol.

  ACOLYTE 12:14 03 Feb 2005

I'll try that.

  ACOLYTE 12:30 03 Feb 2005

Ok this seems to be working took the 40Gb off and windows now installing on the 80Gb drive,strange it didnt see both drives to start with though.

  Completealias 12:32 03 Feb 2005

It is yes but who knows what to think with the wonderful world of windows eh!

  ACOLYTE 12:35 03 Feb 2005

LOL,quite true,i will leave this open a tad longer just incase the wonderful world of windows decides to mess with me again,lol.

  FelixTCat 12:46 03 Feb 2005

If you connect both drives to the same cable, you must either set one to Master and one to Slave or both to Cable Select, using the jumpers on the hard drives. If both are set to Master you will have problems like those you described.

  Djohn 12:47 03 Feb 2005

Don't forget, once the O/S has been installed, the slave drive connected again, it may not show up in your My Computer until you have initialised/formatted from disk management.

Good luck with the install. :o)

  ACOLYTE 13:14 03 Feb 2005

Thank you for the help/advice windows is nearly finished installing just a few things to install set up and in good to go,i will leave the games for my lad to do,lol.The drive was set to Master and i did change the other to slave when i installed the new drive i think where i whent wrong was i put the new drive set as master on the second IDE clip not the top one i left the slave drive on that.Silly thing to do u guess,lol.

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