Hard Drive problems (installation)

  rabbitrabbit 19:16 19 Mar 2004

ok. i'm using an XP machine. athlon 2200. I currently have a 40GB hard drive. works fine. but i want bigger. so i bought an 80GB hard drive. i've installed it as a "slave", by taking the jumper off completely as it states. i've been into the BIOS and set it up as the slave. it recognises it, telling me it's an 81GB thing, and filling in all the details, etc. when i start my machine, there is no sign of this new hard drive (i cannot see it in "my computer". yet i found it in the system section. where it tells me everything is working fine. so why is this? is there something else i should do? does it need formatting first? perhaps not all hard drives are compatible with certain specs? help and advice would be great. thanks.

  powerless 19:19 19 Mar 2004

click here

I taught Djohn everything he knows ;-)))

  Djohn 21:55 19 Mar 2004

He's quite right too! Even his mistakes! ;o)

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