hard drive problems

  User-AC60A56C-3D64-471A-8E3565D05CF4B398 11:17 10 Feb 2003

i had a problem with my hardrive the other day ,i kept getting a message about an error and told to run scandisc from windows cd rom to fix the error,i could'nt get my hardrive to boot to windows so ended up buying a new hard rive ,i would like to know if anyone knows how i can retrieve my files from my old hard drive and put them onto my new one please.

  Gongoozler 12:07 10 Feb 2003

barney67, unless you can get your computer to retrieve the files by fitting the drive as slave, then I think your only alternative is to pay a specialist data retrieval company to have a try, but this could be very expensive. The December 2002 issue of PCA has an article on this (Trouble-free computing), and suggest MJM Data Recovery click here, Ontrack Data Recovery click here and Vogon click here.

There are also data recovery utilities that could be worth trying, and as Ontrack supply two of them (EasyRecovery Pro and SystemSuite), you could discuss with them the chances of being able to recover the data yourself.

  Tj_El 12:14 10 Feb 2003

Hi barney67,

I echo Gongoozlers comments - if you can set your old hard disk drive as a slave disk you should have no problems accessing your data. Try this first as other options are rather expensive.

Best luck.


i'm pretty much a novice at this ,i,m not sure about the jumper settings,and i have my cd rom in the same cable ribon as my hard drive ,should i disconnect my cd rom drive and replace it with my old hard drive untill i retrieve my files ,then put my cd rom drive back in ,i apologise in advance for sounding so thick ,lol,all your help is very much appreciated.

  Tog 12:42 10 Feb 2003

You say you couldn't get windows to boot from the HDD. Did you try using the windows startup floppy and running Scandisk from there?

  grove34 12:42 10 Feb 2003

yep thats exactly what you do , just make sure that the jumper on the back of it next to the power socket is set to slave , the drive should have a diagram on which tells you which is slave or master

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