Hard Drive problem...HELP!!

  Ice Junkie 11:53 29 Feb 2004

I have a friends hard drive that I am trying to recover data from. I have tried about 8 different programs but no sucess!! Does anyone know how to obtain data from a damaged hard drive using a program? I am in desperate need of these files as they are personal photos (not mucky) and I need to get them back.

What I have done.

At the moment the hard drive is a slave in my machine, its a 40GB but windows knows it as

Free Space 6.33mb
Total Size 10.1mb

I have used
VirtualLab 4
PC Inspectors File Recovery
File Scavenger
Zero Assumption Recovery

I am out of ideas, to my knowledge the hard drive is corrupt near the end, around 70-75% of the drive it crashed. I just need to retrieve the files that are at the start because when I used VirtualLab it showed me the map of the hard drive and all the files were clustered at the beginning.

Sorry for the long post but I need to get this sorted.

Thanks for ANY help given!!

  Ice Junkie 12:14 29 Feb 2004


  explicitlyrics100 12:16 29 Feb 2004

have you run a scandisk? My hard drive crashed last nite - I ran it and i got back about 95% of what i lose - i just lost about 20 files of a particular program leaving everything else fine. what happens from dos - can you see anything else?

  Chegs ® 12:27 29 Feb 2004

If File Scavenger hasn't been able to recover the files,then it sounds like they are gone for good.Unless you wish to pay a hefty price,and send the drive to a data recovery Co.

I used File Scavenger recently to recover files from a broken RAID set,having recreated the set,then formatted the drive and reinstalled windows I still managed to recover my files(4Gb .avi too)

  Paranoid Android 13:15 29 Feb 2004

Agree. Unfortunately the more you do, the greater your chances will be of destroying whatever data remains. If it's really that important, send the disk drive to Ontrack. You can request a quote online.

click here


  GaT7 13:32 29 Feb 2004

See whether any of these free hard disk reviving tips will help: click here and follow the link provided...

  Ice Junkie 14:26 29 Feb 2004

Chegs, sent you an email could you plz reply I could really use your help!!

  Chegs ® 14:46 29 Feb 2004


  Ice Junkie 15:13 29 Feb 2004

Replied to your email again chegs, need further help if possible.


  Ice Junkie 10:39 01 Mar 2004

Sorted it.

Thanks for all your help.

I managed to get 2.20GB of data off the drive, the hard drive is corrupt and has a damaged sector.

I REPORTED IT TO Maxtor and they will be replacing the drive!

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