Hard Drive Problem - PLEASE HELP

  Poloman69 15:02 05 Oct 2003

I have 2 PC's one running 98 SE and one running XP. I took out my hard drive which is running XP to copy my MP3's over to my second pc - all was fine.

I then put the hard drive back into my XP running PC, but now my system won't recognise the hard drive, nor is my hard drive spinning up at start up.

Is my hard drive broken? or is it something else.


  DieSse 15:08 05 Oct 2003

Refit the power connector - try another connector.

Also check you have put the IDE cable in the correct way round. Red stripe on the cable should be next to the power connector.

It's possible you may have broken the power socket on the drive - it's not easy, but it's not impossible.

  Djohn 15:09 05 Oct 2003

Did you alter any jumper settings on the drive, if so have you remembered to change them back again? other than that the first thing to check is that the the power cable to the drive is fully inserted and make sure the IDE cable is fully pressed in. j.

  Poloman69 15:11 05 Oct 2003

Checked all that.
It was fine when i put it into my 2nd pc, but when i put it back into my XP running pc, it won't spin.

Any other reason why?

  Djohn 15:17 05 Oct 2003

Check again that you are using the correct connector of the IDE cable, [End or Middle] and try a firm but careful press of the cable at the Motherboard end, you may have disturbed it on removing cable from Hard drive.

  Big Elf 15:18 05 Oct 2003

Does it run if you put it back in the 98SE PC? If so the cable in the XP PC may be damaged.

  Poloman69 15:24 05 Oct 2003

no - doesn't work on either now.
When i changed the power cables, it was done very carefully with minimal pressure. All IDE cables are connected and the right way round. Just can't get the hard drive to spin.

No magnetic tools used
No touching of the circuitry either


  DieSse 15:27 05 Oct 2003

Yup - bad luck - it's broken.

  DieSse 15:29 05 Oct 2003

Did you plug and unplug internal cables with the mains still connected? If so, do you know that switching off at the front panel is not enough - it still leaves power on the motherboard. You may have blown something in the drive.

  Poloman69 15:30 05 Oct 2003

"All" power was turned off

  Djohn 15:32 05 Oct 2003

I think DieSse may be correct on this. Many people forget that modern motherboards are still live even though the power is turned off. They need to be unplugged or turned off at the wall socket. j.

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