Hard Drive Problem. Is it partioning?

  Duncanf 22:28 22 Nov 2004

I'm trying to help a friend on the phone. He has an 80GB hard drive Windows XP Home and he's just had the message that his C drive is full.
He's found out the C drive is only 2Gb in size and the D drive has 70Gb available. What can he do please? Will it mean loss of files? Thanks in anticipation.

  Duncanf 01:03 23 Nov 2004

Still stuck here and I haven't ticked the box yet! Anyone got an idea?

  temp003 02:52 23 Nov 2004

2GB is way too small a partition for XP. He can use third party partitioning software such as Partition Magic to resize C to make it larger. Or he can start from scratch, back up files he needs to keep on to CD, then boot from the XP CD, delete the existing partitions, re-create new partitions, and reinstall XP.

In the meantime, he might want to disable System Restore to free up disk space as an interim measure.

  Danoh 03:11 23 Nov 2004

19 or less than 20 Gb is a good target size for XP.

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  Duncanf 10:20 23 Nov 2004

Thanks, Temp003 and Danoh. Those are very helpful and easy to follow suggestions. All info has been passed on and I'm sure there will be success. Thanks again.

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