Hard Drive Problem

  AubreyS 12:43 06 Jul 2003

I'm trying to convert a drive from NTFS to FAT32 with Patition Magic. It is coming up with the error, patition improperly dismounted. Has anyone got ideas on fixing it?

  Gongoozler 13:06 06 Jul 2003

Hi AubreyS. I entered your error message "partition improperly dismounted" in the search box at Powerquest and found a few possibilities :-

click here

  AubreyS 13:14 06 Jul 2003

Good afternoon to you Gongoozler. I'm sorry I should have said as well that it also told me to go just where you suggested to resolve the problem. I tried them but it did not fix it. I have since deleted the partition and have lost the data on it. Not a great deal because its not my main O/S. I think that this will now get me where I want to go. Thanks again.


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