Hard Drive Problem?

  SURVEY 19:50 09 Nov 2011

Recently my 8 year old Mesh XP desktop has been making a noise on startup which I think I have traced to the fan at the rear of the casing. I have cleaned the fan but the noise persits but quietns after half an hour or so. Today I have noticed that when trying to access anything there is a low vibration that I believe may be coming from the hard drive. Is this how an imminent drive failure can sound?

  SURVEY 23:49 09 Nov 2011

Are there any specific signs to look for when a drive is going down?

  northumbria61 23:55 09 Nov 2011

Check ALL the fans within your case - there is one on your PSU which has a metal cover on - sometimes the fan blades can catch on this. If you find it is this unscrew this metal cover and slightly bend it away from the fan blades then re-secure it.

  northumbria61 23:59 09 Nov 2011

You can test your Hard Drive for problems using FREE diagnostic tools which you can find in this LINK enter link description here

  rdave13 00:17 10 Nov 2011

I'd buy a new hard drive now and clone as soon as possible. It's like driving a car, you hear a different 'noise' and you know something is wrong. You either do something about it or hope for the best. Diagnostic tools are umm OK but I wouldn't recommend taking the results as gospel.

  Number six 00:28 10 Nov 2011

low vibration - yes, almost certainly your hard drive. Backup/clone/replace - quick!

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