Hard Drive problem

  Sonic21 00:59 20 Jan 2005

Hi all,

Right i installed a new Hard drive this afternoon my system is running Windows Xp sp2 I have now two HDD one 20gig my main one and a second a 160 gig back up hdd as i ran out of space on the 20 gig.

I also have a CD-writer and DVD player connected i have tried changing the combination on the IDE cables but i can at no point get them all to work together.

At the moment the CD-writer and DVD are on the same IDE cable and they both work.

The 20 gig and the 160 gig hdd are on the other cable the 20 gig works but it says secondary slave fails.

Any ideas?

  Smegs 01:12 20 Jan 2005

Have you tried both hard drives connected one at a time??

Have you set the jumpers correctly??

  Sonic21 01:16 20 Jan 2005

No not tried them one at a time because second hard drive does not have an OS installed on it only want it for data storage so no point having that on its own it wouldent work.

I have had the Two hard drives working together but then the cdwriter and the dvd player dont work.

I have the 20 gig set to master and the 160 gig set to slave.

  Smegs 01:23 20 Jan 2005

Try setting BOTH the cd drivers to CS. If they are not already, that is.

  Sonic21 01:25 20 Jan 2005

Will that work on ide cables? i tried doing that with the HDD but dick failed

  Sonic21 12:42 20 Jan 2005

Hi any ideas on this one eveyone?

  *Silver*Hawk* 12:48 20 Jan 2005

have you formatted the second drive?

  Sonic21 12:49 20 Jan 2005

Hi yep ive formated it and stored data on it when i had just the two hard drives working together.

  Completealias 13:00 20 Jan 2005

Are the 2 hdd regonised in the BIOS when you have them on the same cable? Is BIOS set to auto detect the drives? If there not then you could have a dodgy IDE cable try using the cable that both the optical drives are connect too and c if they work together using that one.

I take it you have the 2 hdd drives on your primary ide slot and the opticals on secondary

  Sonic21 13:03 20 Jan 2005

Hi when i have the teo hard drives on the same cable they work. But the cdwriter and dvd drive dont work. so i put one hard drive per ide cable and one cd drive per cable both the CD drives work and the master hard drive but not the other hard drive would it work if i had both hard drives set to master and both cd drives set to slave wasent sure if it would confuse it with which HDD to run from

  *Silver*Hawk* 13:06 20 Jan 2005

Ok so what happens in this combo. Both cd drives, one set as master one as slave using the secondary ide channel. Then both hard drives one as master one as slave on primary ide channel. With this set up, the second hdd doesnt work? or what?

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