Hard Drive Problem

  BIGBLONDIE 10:55 25 Apr 2004

Hello, My Husband built a PC for my eldest and although everything works OK there is one small problem he cant work out.When the PC is turned off and restarted the bios doesn't recognize the Hard Drive until it is set manually in the Bios
it is a 60Gigabyte Hard Drive and when set manually works OK,All the other settings are fine
clock and DVD player are all seen and OK,just the Hard Drive thing has him Baffled,any help would be appreciated.

  Gongoozler 11:06 25 Apr 2004

I've never had any problem getting a BIOS to recognise a hard drive from the Auto setting, but if you can tell us what motherboard and what hard drive, perhaps someone will recognise the problem.

  BIGBLONDIE 11:15 25 Apr 2004

Thanks for the input,all i know now is the Hard drive is a 60 Gigabyte Western Digital,the Motherboard is i think a KS75A ECS model the PC is running Windows 98se and working well apart from this little problem.The PC can be restarted without any problems but when switched off for any amount of time doesn't see the Hard Drive when restarted.

  froggg 11:41 25 Apr 2004

you need to check the jumper settings on the h/d are set to master(or cable select),you could also try plugging h/d into secondary socket on mobo.check mobo battery(unlikely!)

  Gongoozler 11:41 25 Apr 2004

It looks like this isn't an unknown problem with the ECS K7S5A click here. the K7S5A doesn't have a very good reputation for reliability, but I'll keep looking for a solution to this problem.

  Gongoozler 11:43 25 Apr 2004

This was the response to the link I just posted click here

  ton 11:43 25 Apr 2004

Is the motherboard battery ok or maybe not in correctly?
If it seems ok, have you tried leaving the battery out for a few minutes to clear and reset the bios?

  BIGBLONDIE 12:01 25 Apr 2004

Thank you,I don't know where or what the jumpers are my Husband set it all up from parts he had left from building another PC.The Hard Drive was working OK in his PC running XP Home,my Husband did think it may be the battery but ruled it out as none of the other settings were affected.He has removed the Hard Drive and tried it in his PC and it was seen first time,i think he would have set the "Jumpers" before installing the drive but will check he isn't in right now but will ask when he returns.The other threads i will let him read as he will no doubt understand them more than me.

  BlueMeanie 20:12 26 Apr 2004

Does the Hard drive work OK if the reset button is pressed (or Control+Alt+Delete pressed) ?
If so it could indicate that that power supply in the PC is iffy / poor quality.

  woodchip 20:29 26 Apr 2004

Two things you can do, Try a new Drive Ribbon cable if it's a master drive it is better on the end of the cable. Go into BIOS when starting computer by keep pressing Delete key then auto detect drives "do not set to AUTO as it as to look each time you start the computer for configuration", and it slows it starting up

  BIGBLONDIE 01:57 27 Apr 2004


Sorry i didnt come back to this sooner,right here what i know the jumpers are set ok,he has tried 2 IDE cables and it happenes with both the Hard Drive works fine as long as the PC isnt turned off,if its just restarted then it is ok,another thing that has just started to happen is the PC not shuting down correctly it will go through the motions then stop with a flashing cursor and a blank screen the PC seems to switch off but the fans keep going,this has only just started happening.My Husband was going to format it but i told him to hold off till i read up on the answers on here.He think now it may be because it had a NTFS ? partition on it and he doesnt know if he deleted it properly he explained but it lost me.Well will come back sooner next time.Thank you for the input.

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