Hard drive problem

  Raj2002 16:13 12 Feb 2004

Just started the Pc, heard a sound from the hdd like a needle jumpping.
The drive's a IBM deskstar DPTA-372050 20gb.
Can i do anything with it, its got all my main programs and files on it.It's partitioned in 2 parts C drive / d drive. C got windows 2000, d the programs and files.
When booting up the pc bios dosen't pick it up.

  Rayuk 18:10 12 Feb 2004

Have you tried different cable.
Not sure if this was also nicknamed Deathstar by many.
Only other thing to do is buy new hard drive set IBM to slave see if Windows can see it so you can rescue any files you need.

Have you tried to input the hard drive details manually in the bios?I presume you have it on auto.

If it still doesnt see it a trick that I have seen before is to put the drive into an airtight plastic bag with a couple of those little sachets for absorbing moisture,and put it in the freezer for a couple of hours,then making sure there is no moisture on the drive put it in the pc straight away see if it works so you can rescue files.

  GrahamP 19:53 12 Feb 2004

If this is a continuous and seriously wrong noise ie not the normal noise, and it's definitely coming from the hard drive, then you've probably lost it and your OS & data.

If it was a one off or if it's only a minor change, I would check all connections, power/data, try different cables etc. Is it securely screwed in? Jumpered correctly?
Is your cmos battery dead? Replace it anyway (£2). I've seen a hard drive come back to life with a new battery even though other settings were retained. If any of this works, back up your data to a new drive immediately.

The plastic bag in the freezer is a new one on me. I'd make that a last resort. Post back if it works.

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