hard drive problem

  popgeorge 16:21 05 Aug 2003

Can someone give advise to a newbie? I have just taken delivery of a Hard drive Maxtor 6Y080P0. 80gb, which I intended to fit into my P.Bell PC running windows Me. This was to be a second drive to my existing 40gb.. After studying at great length I missed the spec which tells me it is a serial drive, I assume the existing drive is a parallel...Is it possible to replace the existing drive, using the existing cabling, or will the IDE be a different fitting... dare I hope that I could run both drives in parallel as I had intended. The 80gb would satisfy my present needs and in a worst case scenario I could keep the second drive as a none connected back up

  Big Elf 16:32 05 Aug 2003

I think you should be looking for a 'Serillel' adapter but I don't know if this works with every motherboard or hard disk.

Why not get in touch with the supplier and find out if they will do an exchange or if they can supply the adapter.

  SEASHANTY 17:07 05 Aug 2003

The existing drive you have is probably IDE which connects to the primary IDE slot on your motherboard. (Your CD-ROM drive and DVD drive are probably connected as Master and Slave on the secondary IDE channel on the motherboard. What you needed is a Maxtor IDE drive either 5400 or 7200 speed (either 2MB or 8MB cache will suffice) and this to be connected as slave on the same ribbon cable as your original drive. If you order a retail boxed drive it will include the screws, fittings and spare cable, if you need this, together with the disk software which makes it very easy to install in your PC. Note that most of the drives advertised in magazines and on websites are in the main OEM drives. That means you just get the bare drive and nothing else. See if you can swap the serial drive you don't want and buy a retail boxed IDE hard drive.

  [DELETED] 17:16 05 Aug 2003

Try following the advice of Big Elf, most M/boards would work with a Seriell adapter which just basically canges the pin formation on your hard disk. Using this however you will not achieve the transfer speed akin to most Seriell conections of 150 MB/Sec.

  popgeorge 17:57 05 Aug 2003

Hi... thank you for your help, Visiting the Maxtor website which I have found less than helpful, it would appear that the Diamond Max plus 9 comes in two forms ,serial and parallel. On the hard drive which has just been delivered the only information I can see is ATA 133 HDD 3.5 series. and on the invoice type 6Y080P0 It has shorting plug information for master or slave, which is a bit odd for a serial system.. When I placed the order I avoided SCSI which in my ignorance I thought indicated the serial versions which is only just coming on stream. DABS supplied the order on the information I supplied, so I am not too sure if they could advise me one way or another. Any other thoughts guy's to stop the panic?

  Rayuk 18:11 05 Aug 2003

Dont worry the drive you have is the ordinary ide one the Serial drive is 6Y080S0.
Does it have the wide connector at the back next to the jumpers? a serial drive only has a small connector.

  Rayuk 18:17 05 Aug 2003

Sorry the Serial drive is 6Y080M0 the ide as you have 6Y080P0.I think you will also find that it has the 8Mb cache option also.

  popgeorge 18:39 05 Aug 2003

Many thanks forall your help, especially 'Rayuk', in answer to your query, the main connector goes across the width of the case. Your thoughts are correct the speed is 7000 with a 8mg cache, I think that was the only bit I was sure of. The panic started from reading a rival mag which stated the diamond plus9 were serial...Think I will have to change my mag? I,ll take a further look at Maxtor web site, the information should be there somewhere
rgds Geo

  Big Elf 18:41 05 Aug 2003

Dabs can be pretty good (at times) so I think it's worth getting in touch with them first. However I think you may be charged a restocking fee and you will also have to pay the postage (registered) to return the unit to them.

  Big Elf 18:51 05 Aug 2003

Sorry. I hadn't refreshed when when I posted my last suggestion and didn't see your post at 18:39. I'm now confused as to what type of connector the disk uses. Fortunately Rayuk seems to know about this.

  Rayuk 18:52 05 Aug 2003

Have another look at Dabs site and you will see there are 3 DiamondMax Plus9 80Gb drives listed.
ide 2mb cache ide 8Mb cache and then serial ata 8Mb cache.
If you click the blue i button then you will see
in the new window across the top
Main Features Spec Reviews
if you click on these you will get further info
click here

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