Hard drive performance question

  AL47 00:22 03 Mar 2010

whats the most important factor to look for in a HDD?

ive run HD tune on 3 of my hdds, 1 is a 500GB laptop drive [st9500420AS] one is a 1.5 TB desktop [ST31500341AS] and third is a WD velociraptor 300GB

here are the results..
[URL=click here][IMG]click here[/IMG][/URL]

now the 1.5TB and WD VR have very similar transfer rates but very different access times [by twice as much]
for eveyday use such as load times, which is the most important figure[s]?

im fairly new to decent hard drives casue of having a laptop

  AL47 00:23 03 Mar 2010

ignore the first link, i always forget this forum is different to others

  Input Overload 02:47 03 Mar 2010

Access time & on board cache buffer, the bigger the better, also spin speed. Although your PC drive controller may limit your speed with some of the faster SATA 2+ drives.

  Batch 14:46 03 Mar 2010

Depends what is included in Access Time in HD Tune. If you look here click here, you'll see that access time might include spin-up time which could well vary a fair bit between disks but is not really pertinent (IMHO).

The laptop drive may well have a slower spin speed (as it uses less power) which is reflected in the results.

  AL47 18:01 03 Mar 2010

i expected the laptop drive to be slow, but not so 'patchy' on transfer rate

i wasnt sure of what waas most important as the WD drive is a 10'000 rpm and the seagate is a 7200 with alot more GB [1500 vs 300gb for the WD]

i was mainly wanting to know if i made the right choice in that the WD was more expensive so using it for a boot drive is worth it, the OS isnt fully instlled [ie all the extras like AV that run at start up] so until then i cant compare side by side

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