hard drive partitioning

  bellyshere 23:36 29 Aug 2003

I've just partitioned my hard drive using partition magic. I was told it was a good idea to do this and put my os on one side and data and such on another. What files do i move to have just the os on one side? Do i just move the windows folder?

  harry_b 23:42 29 Aug 2003

if you now have two partitions one empty and your programs and windows on the other you can either use the other for data or install new programs into the second partition or both, you cannot simply move folders there which are related to windows or programs as they will not work

  bellyshere 00:01 30 Aug 2003

The programs do work when i move them to the new partition. I think partition magic facilitates moving files and folders.

  Simsy 11:39 30 Aug 2003

is to move into the newly created partition all your "data" rather than trying to move the "windows" stuff....

I'm assuming that you previously had just the one partition before, with everything on?

Just move to the new partition the all the "documents" that you have saved. (By "documents" I meanall types of files you have saved/created, such as letters, spreadsheets, photos, etc.)

Most folk will have saved them into the "My Documents" folder, (and its subfolders). Assuming this to be the case you can achieve this in 2 steps.

Just move that folder from the "C" drive to the new "D" drive.

Reassign the "My Documents" shortcut on the desktop.... Right click it, click "Properties", then in the "Target" box change the "C" to a "D".

(With apologies in advance if this produdure doesn't work in XP... it does work in 98 and Me)

I hope this helps,



  xania 18:08 30 Aug 2003

You can use a new partition to hold your programs, but, with VERY few exceptions, you will have to uninstall them from C:\ and install them in you new partition - not just move them, unless you also want to get involved in some very hard level registry editing. A third alternative, which works pretty well, is to use something like Microhelp Uninstaller which has a pretty good program mover facility. Unfortunately, this is now owned by McAfee, and it looks like they've taken this out of their current offering click here

Incidentally, the wisest way is to have 3 partitions - you OS, your data and your programs, AND space at the end to keeep a copy of your OS so that, when the main version goes pear shaped, you've got a copy avaiklable to get you going again wihtin a couple of minutes.

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