Hard drive partition questions

  Cybermaxx 12:25 29 Dec 2003

My PC has a factory fitted 60 GB HD. It is partitioned into three segments, as follows:-

BOOT (C) 27.6 GB (NTFS)
RECOVER (E) 3.3 GB (FAT32)

Right, I won't touch RECOVER, because it's almost full, anyway. So far I've only been using BOOT, but now it's almost full of useful stuff.

My question is, can I use BACKUP in the same way as BOOT (mostly for installed games), or do these names actually mean anything? Is it alright for me to install a game in the BACKUP partition? If not, what do I use BACKUP for?

Wish I had a proper manual for this PC!

  GuyR 12:32 29 Dec 2003

Basically you can use the "backup" partition for anything you want. Does it actualkly hace anything in it know?.

It would make more sense to have your partitions arranged as c=boot up, basic operating system and programs you want/need.
d= all the data you generate e.g. Photo's, documents, etc so that when you want to do a back up just burnm the files you want onto a cd from here.
e= recovery partition with operating system on it so if you ever accidentlt delete any OS files then can coppy them over from here, also could boot from it if required.

  DieSse 12:33 29 Dec 2003

What's in a name? - nothing - you may use the partitions as you wish, for whatever you want.

But you are right to stay away from the Recover partion, as this will be for use with the Recivery CDs that should have come with your system.

  Cybermaxx 12:44 29 Dec 2003

BACKUP only contains Drivers and Tools at the moment. It still has 23.3 GB of free space (total 24.8 GB).

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