Mr Sad 15:06 17 Jun 2005

I recently brought a 120Gb Samsung hard drive as a second drive, but when I was setting the partition to maximum and formatting the drive I had a power cut and the drive is now only recognised as a 31Gb drive.
I have tried to re-partition and format the drive (NT and Fat32)but it still only sees 31Gb.
I have tried using fdisk, partition magic, MS Disk Manager and Samsung Drive Disk Installer.
I have also tried to load Win 98SE and Win XP Home Ed to try and resolve this problem with no avail.
Anyone out there had the same problem and managed to resolve it? Or any know how to fix this problem?

  Peter 15:25 17 Jun 2005


This might be a BIOS limitation or an OS limitation. I suggest you check your BOIS setup for the new hard drive and also you may need to have it formatted to NTFS for the whole drive to be recognised.

Someone else, more knowledgable on this aspect, may be able to shed more light.


  dan11 16:01 17 Jun 2005

What is the model number of the drive?

Have you checked that it has not got a 32gig limitation jumper in place, at the back of the drive. It will tell you on the top of the drive if this feature is there.

If it does have one, then you will just have to reset the jumpers.

  Joe R 16:04 17 Jun 2005

Mr Sad,

right click on my computer click on manage, and then disk management and see what it says there.

  woodchip 16:27 17 Jun 2005

Try Scandisk in Safe Mode

  keith-236785 18:54 17 Jun 2005

dan11 is thinking the same as me, either you have set the jumpers on the drive to a 32gig limit OR you are using windows 98 which i believe has a limit of 32gig (i am open to being proved wrong on this as when i was on win98 i only had a 30gig drive.......)

more likely there is a jumper set wrong on the drive which is reducing it to 32 gig

good luck

  DieSse 21:28 17 Jun 2005

click here

Here are all the Samsung drive programs. If you run the SUTIL program you can Erase (use the Erase Entire option) the drive back to the new state as it left the factory. This will definately wipe out any strange things that may have happened in the power cut.

The Shdiag tests the drive thoroughly.

The HUTIL is also a drive test

The Disk Manager can be used to fool systems with BIOS limitations into accepting higher capacity drives-

  Mr Sad 19:00 02 Nov 2005

Thanks DieSse
Doownload this program and resolved the issue, although the samsung site was not very clear in how to use the program so it required a lot of time to find all the information.
But alas all is well thanks you all and PC Advisor setting up this web site

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