Hard drive only half size

  the-george 11:36 27 Nov 2004

I have just had to do a complete reinstall of ME on a Tiny 1.7.P4 pc using the restoration (image) cd.
Last did this 2 years ago with no problems however this time in my Comp the h/d is only seen as 30Mb not 60.
I fdisked the drive using a ME EBD and it was shown as 60Mb (actually, 57239)and used just one partition as before. The install from image went ok and it loaded all drivers etc.
When I checked with fdisk it showed the partition as 51%. I tried again and checked the partition size before installing from image cd again but with same results. I even tried two partions which showed up fine in fdisk but still only had the one in ME.
The Pc is operating perfectly - using it for this but I want the full h?d size back. Any explanations please?

  Rayuk 14:43 27 Nov 2004

Did you format the 2nd partion?

  Dorsai 15:03 27 Nov 2004

One you have set up two partitions with fdisk, two partitions remain. To change back to one, you need to delete the two, and re-partition, using one partition, at 100% of the disk.

A good walkthrough of fdisk click here

  the-george 21:16 06 Dec 2004

The first time I tried I set up one partition as I had done before so why it only saw half the size I do not know - I have done this many times on lots of PCs without having a problem.
The second time I deliberately set two partitions but, as suggested, forgot to format the second as the restoration disk automatically formats the partition it is going on.
I used fdisk again and set up the extended and logical partition then formatted and all was well.
Thanks for responses.

  the-george 21:36 06 Dec 2004

I have just totally renstalled ME and all my applications and want to keep the hd as clean as possible. I have noticed that there are already about 8mb of files and folders in the C:\WINDOWS\TEMP folder.
These include things like log files and afew with the TMP ext which I assume are ok to delete. However others are application extensions, DOS batch files,RTP & MTX files,word 2000 setup documents, some appliactions and some dll's.
I suspect some are left there from when application setup programs are run.
Is it safe to delete them all?

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