Hard drive occasionally not recognised

  MrNewName 11:51 17 Mar 2010

Hi, for some reason my second hard drive is not always recognised - I need to reboot for it to be seen. This happens maybe once every few days.

System is running XP SP3 on an Athlon 3500 processor with 2GB RAM and two SATA II hard drives. Primary hard drive is a WD 500GB which is fine. Secondary hard drive is Maxtor 320GB.

The Maxtor is used as a backup for MyDocuments which are also backed up to an external drive each evening.

I'd like to know if there is a way to diagnose what's going on. I've changed the SATA cable to another connector on the motherboard and it still happens on occasion. When I reboot it is again recognised.

Thanks for any suggestions.

  jimv7 13:00 17 Mar 2010

Try another or a bigger power supply,

  MrNewName 14:48 17 Mar 2010

I can try that but can you please explain why it might make a difference? At the moment it has a 550W PSU.

  jimv7 15:55 17 Mar 2010

550w should be adequate, but if its not supplying enough power to the drive, you would get those symptoms. also the same symptoms if the drive was faulty. Trying another psu is a cheaper option.

  T0SH 16:23 17 Mar 2010

Drives can sometimes be a bit slow to spin up this may lead to the bios not always detecting it at boot up, check to see if you have any fast boot or fast ram count options selected in bios setup, de-selecting this type of option may well delay post by a few milliseconds which may just be long enough to let the drive get ready for the bios to always detect it

Cheers HC

  MrNewName 01:42 18 Mar 2010

Thanks for the suggestions; I had the "fast boot" option enabled in the BIOS so now that it has been disabled I will see how things go.


  MrNewName 22:13 18 Mar 2010

No improvement; the drive still occasionally can't be seen without a reboot.

I've changed the PSU so will see what happens over the next couple of days.

  MrNewName 14:57 22 Mar 2010

Still having problems - any more suggestions welcome.

  ashdav 15:07 22 Mar 2010

Change the SATA data cable.
They can lose contact due to them not being a very good design.

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