Hard drive not showing correctly.

  bumpkin 11:17 12 Dec 2014

I have 3 HDD's in an old backup desktop PC. Two of them show up OK with correct info but one does not.

It is a 160GB with Win 7 on it and it will boot from it into Win 7 without any problems.

In "My Computer" it shows as having nothing on it and in the "Properties" tag says local disk, RAW, used space 0, free space 0, capacity 0.

In "Disk Management" it shows Basic, healthy (Active), capacity 111.79, free space 111.79.

Something is amiss, any suggestions please.

  northumbria61 12:54 12 Dec 2014

Take a look through this GUIDE

  northumbria61 12:56 12 Dec 2014

Click on link where it says - More about: Guide installed disk system

  bumpkin 13:10 12 Dec 2014

Northumbria, I could not find the answer there but thanks for trying to help. I can see the drive OK and it works but the info give about it makes little sense.

  northumbria61 13:27 12 Dec 2014

Bumpkin - take a look at this LINK - there may be something that could help.

  bumpkin 19:54 12 Dec 2014

Thanks for the further link, loads of info there, various options to try but I am reluctant to mess about with things too much as the PC works fine as it is, just can't understand the disk info as it shows.

  bumpkin 15:20 14 Dec 2014

Drive shows as it should in Win7, it is when I use XP that it shows as empty.

  Bris 19:19 14 Dec 2014

I have a feeling that this could be due to the fact that XP is seeing two drives both with the drive letter of C:

You are booting XP from its drive C: and its seeing another drive C: possibly on the same IDE cable? and it doesnt like it.

  bumpkin 20:17 14 Dec 2014

I am booting XP from drive C both are on the same cable and the one with Win7 on it shows as K. If I boot into Win7 the drive that XP calls K now becomes C.

  Bris 14:39 15 Dec 2014

A few other things to try:

If you are using a 40 core IDE cable then swap it for a newer 80 core one. In my experience attaching a drive > 120 gig to a 40 core cable can cause problems.

Plug the drive into an IDE caddie and attach it via USB.

Run CHKDSK /R from command entry when booted into W7.

Using a disk partitioning tool mark the partition as inactive.

Remove all drives other than your XP drive and the W7 drive and attach each to a different IDE cable.

Check the jumpers on the drives and if "cable select" change to master & slave and vice versa.

If using the same cable, swap the discs around.

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