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Hard drive not installed after update

  Snrub 13:08 09 Mar 2014

I updated my Acer Desktop with windows update and computer will not load W7. The Bios shows hard disk not installed. I ran an Acer e recovery disk in the optical drive and the repair option whist showing will not load showing a fault of '0' drive. The only option showing is the dos command prompt. When I request Bootrec.exe/RebuildBcd nothing happens. When I request DISKPART/LISTDRIVES or DISKPART/LISTDISKS nothing happens. This is presumably because it cannot find the hard drive. I am thinking the windows files have been corrupted.

Any ideas on how to proceed please? On how to make the Bios see the installed c drive?

  Snrub 20:25 11 Mar 2014

Thanks Fruit Bat have tried suggestion 10.41 connecting HDD to good computer. My computer shows 2 HDD's but device manager only lists one. So problem is HDD not being seen. Don't know if there is much point trying to run Atola Technology HDD Restore Capacity Tool? Also 64bit issue?

  bumpkin 21:18 11 Mar 2014

May sound a basic question but is the drive spinning up OK.

  Snrub 23:30 11 Mar 2014

yes the drive is spinning up.

  Snrub 23:31 11 Mar 2014

yes the drive is spinning up.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:12 12 Mar 2014

My computer shows 2 HDD's but device manager only lists one.

This is probably the main drive partitioned into two sections.

if the old drive will not show in disk management then there is really nothing you can do with it as no recovery software will find it.

time to fit a new drive and run the recovery disks and hope its not looking fo an image on the drive. hope you have all your important stuff backed up.

  Snrub 02:33 13 Mar 2014

Yes agree its just one HDD which shows up as 2HDD, its the two partitioned drives C and D which Acer set up as part of their eRecovery system. I seem to have exhausted usual recovery measures I don't know if a HDD repairer can do anything. If the hard drive cannot be recovered think only option is for new HDD and use recovery disc and back up image. Thanks for all suggestions made.

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