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Hard drive not installed after update

  Snrub 13:08 09 Mar 2014

I updated my Acer Desktop with windows update and computer will not load W7. The Bios shows hard disk not installed. I ran an Acer e recovery disk in the optical drive and the repair option whist showing will not load showing a fault of '0' drive. The only option showing is the dos command prompt. When I request Bootrec.exe/RebuildBcd nothing happens. When I request DISKPART/LISTDRIVES or DISKPART/LISTDISKS nothing happens. This is presumably because it cannot find the hard drive. I am thinking the windows files have been corrupted.

Any ideas on how to proceed please? On how to make the Bios see the installed c drive?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:11 09 Mar 2014

The fact that the BIOS can not see the drive means it is nothing to do with corrupted windows files.


Remove and refit the drive to remake the connections and retry.

  Snrub 14:36 09 Mar 2014

I have checked the leads to the drive. It is an Acer Inspire with the hard drive buried below the optical drive and would be no small task to remove. The computer has had little use and is in pristine condition so would think it unlikely removing the drive would be necessary?

  Snrub 15:54 09 Mar 2014

any further ideas please?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:25 09 Mar 2014

If the BIOS cannot see the drive then

  1. drive faulty

  2. data lead faulty

  3. power lead to drive faulty

  4. BIOS sata controller faulty

  Snrub 18:41 09 Mar 2014

The strange thing is I can run a DVD with ubantu this works and can web browse. So hard drive must be powered up and working?

  Snrub 09:48 10 Mar 2014

any further thoughts please?

  Snrub 11:07 10 Mar 2014

The hard drive although about 3 years old had a lot of free space on it. This was a back up computer hardly ever used but constantly updated with windows updates and driver updates. I don't know where an indication light for the drive would be located? If the drive has locked up is there a solution for this? It may just be possible some malware was picked up on the last windows update. I did inadvertently click on a flashing yellow box showing 2 Window Updates available which had also been shown in the windows update program.

  Snrub 11:47 10 Mar 2014

The model is Acer Aspire AX3810 Windows7 Q8300 Intel Core 2 Quad processor 3GB DDR3 HDD640GB VGA X4500 Integrated. The hard drive is original manufacturers build and this is 1st time seal has been broken to check power and data leads to hard drive inside computer.

It's one of these compact desktops with components packed tight inside with components difficult to remove. Why would reseating hard drive have any effect?

Even the on board battery is on underside of motherboard otherwise I would have disconnected and re-seated this to attempt to get Bios to see hard drive.

There are no lights on front of computer.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:51 10 Mar 2014

Why would reseating hard drive have any effect?

Reseating the connections at mother board and drive can solve bad connection problems the older type SATA cables often work loose due to "thermal cycling" (heating and cooling) you can buy SATA cables with clips on to prevent this.

It may just be possible some malware was picked up on the last windows update.

Very unlikely that malware or virus would stop BIOS seeing drive (there are some but extremely rare.

What is the fault of drive '0'?

  Snrub 14:00 10 Mar 2014

the fault of drive'0' is a list of signature errors.

The computer 'on' light is one of the across top and down side blue strips permanently illuminated. There is a small blue dot of brighter intensity which flickers when switching on. Presumably this is the hard disk running so why is the Bios not seeing the disk drive?

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