Hard drive not found

  dan12345 10:09 30 Sep 2005

I'm occasionally getting a message "primary hard disk drive 0 not found" when I turn on my Dell 4500 inspiration. I'm prompted to strike the F1 key to continue or F2 to run set up utility. The drive (Maxtor 160 gb) is 6 months old and has been working perfectly okay until now.

Sometimes the computer boots up okay, but the problem is begining to happen more often. I have tried defragmenting the drive, but if I analyze the disk afterwards, it reports that the drive still needs defragmenting.

Any ideas please?

  miniboy 10:17 30 Sep 2005


Is the drive recognised properly in the BIOS? Have you got it set to Master? If so, is that the only drive on that IDE set to master?

It sounds like the hard drive could be faulty. There is a Maxtor utility which you can download from Maxtor.com that will check your drive in a 5 step process. It is free and good!

  dan12345 11:52 30 Sep 2005

Thanks for your reply miniboy.

No, the drive is not recognised in BIOS when I look. I do have an additional hard drive connected to the same cable (it's the original 60 gb dell drive that I now use for extra storage)and it's set up with the cable select option.

Everything has been working fine in this configuration, it's only just recently that it's started playing up.

I will try that Maxtor utility you mention and report back.

Thanks again.

  DieSse 12:09 30 Sep 2005

It looks like the drive is getting slower to run up to full speed - if it's continually getting worse, this could be a terminal condition.

Look in your BIOS at the SMART setting, and set it to *enabled* (if it's not already).

SMART will monitor the run-up time, and report if it's out of specification (if it is it will damage the read/write heads eventually).

You can get a SMART monitor on free trial from click here
or you can get Everest free from click here which you can view the SMART readings for startup times.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:24 30 Sep 2005

Set jumpers on maxtor to master and "dell" drive to slave. one one as master and other as CS slows down recognotion.

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