Hard drive not found

  mark29 16:56 17 Jan 2005

When I start my computer it cannot find the hard drive, I've tried repairing it with the windows XP disc and "Hard Drive Mechanic" and they both saythere is no hard drive detected. The same thing comes up in the BIOS. I've checked the connections to the hard drive and they seem ok.

  mosfet 17:11 17 Jan 2005

Try another cable.Remove & replace jumper (if any)a few times (to clean pins).

  mark29 17:28 17 Jan 2005

Can I try using the IDE socket and cable for the cd drives? The hard drive is set to "Cable Select" rather than "Master", is this correct?

  TomJerry 17:30 17 Jan 2005

if never found, set may not right or bios is unable to handle it (e.g. too big)

recenly lost: big trouble, HDD maybe belly up

  mark29 17:33 17 Jan 2005

If the hard drive is broke whats the best bet for trying to save the data as its just lost but before sometimes it took a couple of goes for the computer to find the hard drive

  TomJerry 17:38 17 Jan 2005

do not install anything on it, and use special recovery software run off CD such as ERD commander Easyrecovery

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