Hard Drive is not allowing windows to shutdown

  fishmad pete 10:45 25 Mar 2010

I have a giga-byte GA-MA790XT-up4d mother board fitted with a phenom 945 processor and 4GB ram. There are three SATA hard drives fitted.

Two of the hard drives are being recognised by their manufacturers numbers and their properties box state that driver is installed and all is well.
The third drive is the same type as the main drive (C), but is shown up in device properties as a disk drive and not by its manufacturers name. The properties say a driver is not installed but that it is working correctly. It can be read and written to in windows 7 but I can't format it nor can I carry out any windows diagnostics on it. When I installed the disk windows7 took an age trying to install drivers for it before coming up and saying it couldn't.
The drive was originally formated with XP nfts.

Because of this problem the computer hangs on shutdown resulting in me having to press the off switch.

  Technotiger 11:07 25 Mar 2010

Perhaps you could use the third drive via a USB enclosure!

  fishmad pete 12:38 25 Mar 2010

Further to my first post. I removed the other two hard drives and tried to format the drive using the windows disk. It failed! However I was able to install windows onto the disk which left all the data files intact. Can't understand this when it is used as a third disk windows first identifies it correctly

  Technotiger 12:46 25 Mar 2010

As far as I am aware, having successfully installed Windows onto that drive, that operation would have first formatted the drive anyway - unless you had opted not to do the Format, from within the process.

Further, that drive should now appear as your main C: drive with the OS on it, and booting as normal.

What happens if you now add the other two drives??

  fishmad pete 14:53 25 Mar 2010

I was a bit previous with my second post. I though windows was installing correctly but windows couldn't shut down during the final part of the installation. I did a manual shut down but when it started up windows stated that I would have to start again from scratch. I have just down loaded seatools from segate and the srive is reported correctly. and seems to pass the basic tests. I just can't use any of the windows tools on it and it still stops windows closing

  jimv7 17:35 25 Mar 2010

Just a thought.

Is the problem drive connected to 1 of the block of 6 sata slots or 1 of the 2 purple slots.

If purple, its connected to a raid controller slot and would need drivers being installed from the motherboard cd.

  fishmad pete 19:27 26 Mar 2010

Have got it partly sorted now.
Disconnected the two good drives and left the suspect one connected.
I installed XP(32) onto the drive formating it as part of the procedure. XP Device manager reported the drive correctly (manufactures model number etc). I then fitted the other two drives and started win7. No errors reported on booting although device manager still reports it as a "disk Drive" and not by model. However I can now use all the windows7 tools on the drive and have even successfully formated the drive using Win7. And to top it all the computer shut downs correctly! Drive/windows must have had a cliche somewhere.

  Technotiger 20:06 26 Mar 2010

Grreat, thanks for your feedback.

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