hard drive noises

  Garthyy 18:51 21 Feb 2006

Every 10-15 secs my hard drive has started making rrrrr noises. like it is writing - is the hard drive on the way out?

  ICF 19:03 21 Feb 2006

You can download software from the manufacture website to check out hard drives.

  Forum Editor 19:03 21 Feb 2006

How old is it?

Have you defragmented and scanned it recently?

  Garthyy 19:22 21 Feb 2006

computer is 2 years old. Yes I'[ve scanned and defragged within the last 4 days.

  Big Elf 19:30 21 Feb 2006

Make sure you have a backup of all your important data before running a hard disk testing tool as they tend to stress the drive.

  Garthyy 20:15 21 Feb 2006

started blowing fuses in mains plug now

  Graham ® 20:17 21 Feb 2006

Oo 'eck!

  Garthyy 20:25 21 Feb 2006

does that mean I'm shelving out for a new puter?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:44 21 Feb 2006

If your lucky only a new Hard drive.

Search the site as yesterdy there was a posting rgarding hard drive noises, perhaps you can identify your fault by cmpring noises.

  Garthyy 22:04 21 Feb 2006

Just looked at my receipt it says I have 3yrs on site hardware cover. I'm not wanting to turn it on in case I do damage to it. Could it be the PSU? Would the psu be classed as hardware?

  Graham ® 09:24 22 Feb 2006

Could be the PSU fan is blocked, causing it to overheat and fail. That is more likely to blow the fuse than the hard drive.

Briefly start the PC and see if the fan is spinning or making a noise.

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