hard drive mystery, pleae help

  Scot_andy 13:05 26 Nov 2004

I have recently built a new computer from scratch, and was hoping to transfer data from my old hard disk to my new computer, sounds simple right, wrong..

I have tried every way possible to connect my old hard disk with an xp pro sp2 partition, including setting the jumpers to master, slave and cable select with both on, using an ide raid device which recognises not even the optical drive connected.It recognises it during bios and scans it during bios using scandsk.exe.

How can i get the data off without wiping or reinstalling partition of windows xp pro...??

  Jeffers22 13:12 26 Nov 2004

Try connecting the old HDD as a slave to the new HDD with both on the mobo IDE connectors (i.e not in RAID config) and boot into safe mode. When in safe mode rename the windows folder on the old hard drive and reboot.

If you have Partition Magic (or similar) another thing to try would be to boot to PM and alter the second drive from primary and active to logical, leaving only your new drive as primary and active.

  griffon 56 13:26 26 Nov 2004

Hi Scot_andy,

Assumed you used partitioning software like Partition Magic. If not either get hold of a copy or log on to Computeractive's free downloads for a similar partitioning tool. Use it in conjunction with a program like Directory Opus to show all drives and then it's just a case of dragging and dropping the required files from your old drive to the new. I believe Boot Magic is part of Partition Magic. This enables you to set up the boot partition if you've got more than one OS. Sorry I can't be more specific, I'm working from a worn out personal memory! Hope this gives you something to go on, but it really needs an expert like VoGtm, Gandalf or Belatucadrus to shine some light on it.

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