Hard Drive with Media Player (Best deal.?)

  Uboat 21:44 09 Jun 2010

Hiya does anyone know where i can get a 500gig or more external HD with a built in Media Player for around £100 give or take £20.? ive done some searching & most of them are just the cases with NO hard drive inside.? i ned to be able to plug it in my lcd tv & watch films/photos/music..?

  Technotiger 21:56 09 Jun 2010
  northumbria61 22:28 09 Jun 2010

If you want NEW then this is Amazon price -

click here

  Uboat 23:01 09 Jun 2010

Technotiger! thankyou so much! i saw this one thats got a TB in it for £100 whereas that link want £100 for 500gig.??
what do you think.? are these anygood.?

northumbria61 Thankyou for your reply! teh reviews on that Amazon link you provided are worrying.?

Try this link for a better deal!

click here

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