Hard drive making strange noises

  redbarron 09:24 04 Nov 2008

My hard drive has started making a strange noise about every 15 seconds. It only lasts for a second or two and sounds like a rapid clicking noise, as if it's trying to load something.

Any ideas please. Thank you

  rawprawn 09:26 04 Nov 2008

Back it up immediately, if it goes belly up and to be honest it doesn't sound too healthy. You will lose everything.

  Technotiger 09:26 04 Nov 2008

If you do not have your data backed-up, do it now, your hard drive is about to fail!

  redbarron 09:33 04 Nov 2008

Thanks guys. I keep everything backed up. But will double check everything is up to date.

Never rains when it pours does it.

  Technotiger 09:34 04 Nov 2008

Glad to hear you have it all backed up, so if your drive does go belly up, at least it is only a short inconvenience, not a catastrophe!

  johndrew 09:45 04 Nov 2008

Having backed everything up, perhaps you should now order a new drive and clone it from that you have. That way you can use the `suspect` item either as a second drive or until it fails completely with even less inconvenience.

  redbarron 09:50 04 Nov 2008

Hope it doesn't come to that. Apart from the expense of forking out for a new hard drive it is allot of hassle re-loading everything.

Funnily enough, since I just backed up some more data the noise has stopped. Could this be the lull before the storm! :)

  Technotiger 10:05 04 Nov 2008

If you made your backup with Acronis you would not have to re-load anything. Acronis makes a complete backup of your entire hard drive, and I mean absolutely everything is backed up for easy restore.

  Technotiger 10:06 04 Nov 2008

With Acronis, all you need is an external

  Technotiger 10:07 04 Nov 2008

I was going to say, an external hard drive for the backup location.

  redbarron 10:12 04 Nov 2008

I spoke too soon about the noise stopping. It's back.
Well everything is backed up to date so will just have to see what happens.

Don't have an external hard drive.

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